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04Feb2010 - Since 1997, Lord Oxford AKA "" has run an array of interconnected Internet Domain Names, Originally intnded to help those visiting or shopping "An Area", be it geographic, personal interest, business interest or care area. such as is one of my cares (and websites) and I invite all those who care to think of what they are doing, its consequences, and how we might better achieve this end. I have tended to forget commerce too much in favor of such cares and interests, but have been knocked into the need to care also for myself, so many Domains will be put up For Sale, along with my Home, if I do not find a proper income. Provides a way forward into living in space habitats and ships, as we populate the orbital belts around our planet, moon, sun, and other planets. It is the ultimate way of saving our species and neighboring ones - AWAY from the dangers of a single "shared" planet and its (high gravity) Single environment.

TheFutureFor.Us The Future For Us is not very rosey, if we fail to take care of important things. The future is NOT a repeat of the past, and an infinite growth within a finite space is not possible. we have already crowded out most other species of life that are "not of monetary wealth" to us. there will be "Human Equivalence Computing" Either designed or accidental. We may be able to mould this (hardware and) software creature to match our neural cortex (selves) ...

..Other predictions for of likely disease epidemics and wars become more probable in overcrowded areas, particularly with less resources remaining per person, and more people, carrying epidemics globally, to every place, every day.

Until at least 2010 were unable to either share our wealth or limit our procreation, or even to give much thought to what lies beyond "our" "lands" or even our own house walls...

========================================================== FineAnswers are not the same as Finances, but governments and courts see "fines" (paid to themselves directly or through "kickbacks") as "Fair" ... to the rich, that is... It's Part of the reason for my tongue in cheek name. Go Google.

Nazis.Biz, Nazism and lesser forms of violation and violent priviliges by the so called "Elite" and are still very much a fact of life throughout the world, and those "club selected" individuals who hold offices of power and privilige over "commoners" need to be removed from such positions, if they fail to "play fair". BULLYING is NOT acceptable,
This is a name and shame site, Lufthansa ...You are NOT a Star-Alliance, but thieves*, and a

If Its to BE, Its Up to ME
Is an excellent motto that I use and recommend to all.

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* thieves are those that take without payment, whether or not soliciturds agree. My opinion.. see disclaimers